Celebrate Katrina's Birthday!

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Dear friend,
You may remember that last year on this day, I sent you an e-mail to let you know what Katrina was up to her on her birthday. She was at a meeting fighting for her constituents, and she won.

Katrina doesn't give up. She also doesn't back down from a fight. When it comes to taking on the out-of-state special interests and billionaire donors that are bankrolling the politicians pushing our state's drastic policies, she doesn't bat an eye. She just rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

I see firsthand the long days, late nights, and busy weekends Katrina logs, and she doesn't ever complain. She loves representing the district and fighting for her constituents. Our dog Stitch sure misses her when she's gone (and I do too), but we know her work is so important. It's how we take our state back. I appreciate the fire in her belly and her dedication to this work.

That's why today I want to make her birthday extra special.  

Let Katrina know you're with her by donating to her campaign today.

Katrina isn't just a voice for Central Wisconsin; she is a voice for the state. She speaks truth to power and travels all over the state to reach out to the hard-working people of Wisconsin. And you can bet the big special interests will notice her - and be up against her. That's why it's so important to donate whatever you can to her campaign.

I'm all in for Katrina. Are you?

Thank you for your support! This will be a wonderful surprise for Katrina.

Gratefully yours,

Jed Williams & Stitch

P.S. Your support goes a long way. A $25 donation goes a long way to help Katrina fill her tank and get around the state to recruit top notch candidates to represent the people.

Thanks for your help!

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