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Chris Kolker is a Democrat running to represent Colorado Senate District 27, a seat currently held by a Republican who is not running for reelection. This is an opportunity to elect a worker for the people of this district. A person who knows the struggles of providing for their family, paying a mortgage, ever increasing health care costs, day care costs, and promoting the benefits of public education for all. Chris is the right candidate to represent Arapahoe County at the Capitol.

Raised by a John Deere factory worker and school secretary in rural Iowa, Chris knows the value of hard work. If elected, Chris will fight to ensure everyone in this state has equal opportunity to success and nobody is left behind in Colorado's rapid economic growth.

Chris Kolker has lived and worked in Arapahoe County since 1999 and it's where he and his wife Tara, decided to raise their two daughters. A former high school teacher, currently a Certified Financial Planner(CFP®), and small business owner, Chris will focus on making sure our budget is addressing the needs and values of Arapahoe County and supporting public education. If elected, Chris will fight to ensure Colorado works for all.

The next election in 2020 is going to be more important than ever. The Democratic Party only has a three seat majority in the State Senate. It will be crucial to keep that majority and prioritize shortages incurred in our education, transportation, and mental health systems to continue to protect and provide equal opportunity for all.

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