L.A. for Warren 2020

Every American deserves justice, opportunity and a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Our economic system is geared toward the wealthiest in this country; we must remove incentives for bad corporate behavior, and provide a fair playing field for all Americans.

We can create accountability for banks and financial institutions that harm Americans, and have fair rules and disclosures about the products they offer.

Our economy and our climate is in crisis - and both can be addressed at the same time with jobs created for cleaner energy research and infrastructure.

We must not let Americans be denied health care due to pre existing conditions. We should push for Medicare for All; until that happens, we must fight to keep the hard won rights in the ACA.

The choice is with us - are we going to live with the status quo, or will we support an agent for change? We believe Elizabeth Warren is that agent for change, who will bring dignity, integrity and guts back to the White House.

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