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There is nothing more important than electing Democrats in 2020.

If we've learned anything this year, it's that the road ahead is not an easy journey. Polling is neck and neck when it comes to measuring American's leanings on the political spectrum.

You already know why we need to win. Here's how to do it.

Intelligence from grassroots activists and organizers, conversations with seasoned Democratic veterans and operatives, drives Left of Center's strategy to go where other campaigns cannot go, say what other campaigns cannot say, to expand the margins we need win.

We're here to Hold the House, expanding vote totals in those districts and contribute to statewide progressive totals.

We have experience in team team building with in-state Battle Station Organizers at the helm to execute individual state plans. GOTV is job ONE and it starts long before November rolls arounds. Delivering communications, organizing our hearts out, and providing new turnout with voter friendly solutions - all deployed in real time.

And we're in this together!

Please donate now to Left of Center PAC. Your contribution today helps us continue on our way towards a more perfect democratic (and Democratic) tomorrow.

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