Re-Elect the Texas House LGBTQ Caucus

LGBTQ members of the Texas House seek to create awareness & advocate for LGBTQ Texans while employing an intersectional lens to promote social justice.

These members are equality champions, fighting for the rights of Texans every day. In 2019, Reps. Celia Israel, Mary Gonzalez, Julie Johnson, Jessica Gonzalez, and Erin Zwiener formed the first ever Texas House LGBTQ Caucus. Now, they're up for re-election in 2020. It's our turn to take a stand for THEM

Heading into the 2019 session, there were 23 anti-LGBTQ bills filed. With the leadership of the House's caucus members, the session concluded with only one anti-LGBTQ bill, SB 1978, being passed into law. SB 1978 was originally filed as a broad, sweeping anti-LGBTQ bill. However, after concerns raised by these equality champions, advocates and other organizations, significant changes were made to water down the bill enough to make it ineffective.

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