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We friends who value equality and shared prosperity can work together to elect bold progressive candidates to every office and to help those candidates and their campaigns save money, work smarter, and win more often.

Liberals Creating Progress is a group of friends working together for more Cooperation and less Corporation in our government. Working together for greater equality and justice for all!

All donations made go directly to the Candidates you specify on our page. ActBlue handles the transfer of funds and is the most trusted service of this kind working for Democratic Candidates and Organizations.

The list of Candidates has been selected for their positions on progressive issues that are in alignment with the core Democratic Party principles and platform. You can donate to any one or split your donation as you wish among several or all candidates.

If you would like to submit a Candidate to be added to the list please feel free to contact us and share your input at The views of people who participate with us in sharing this fundraising effort and donating to it are given priority.

The Democratic Party is Progressive. Progressive means moving FORWARD and lifting everyone up together. Our President and Party want us all to work towards greater equality and justice and that is what progress is all about.

If you see yourself as Liberal, Progressive or just want more Equity Fairness and Social Justice in our Country this is a great way to support the people who stand up for us all! We can only succeed if we help to create an informed electorate who working with the most accurate information can vote in their own best interests as well as the overall best interest of the Nation. Please show your support by giving what you can while we still can.

There are extremely well forces arrayed against the truth such as the Koch Brothers and the US Chamber of Commerce and others. They will be spending Millions to confuse people and lie to them! If our Democracy is to survive we must all work together to protect the truth!

Give $10.00 or Whatever you can to help. It's an investment in our Freedom. That is not hyperbole or exaggeration it is simply the truth.

If the Truth will Set You Free then sharing the Truth will set everyone free! Please give "Liberally"! Thank You! Liberals Creating Progress, friends working together for more Cooperation and less Corporation in our government!

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