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Lincoln Brigades are a new concept in grassroots, direct action organizing. We are focused on primary elections in partisan and gerrymandered local districts. This is because even if a district is "safe" for a party because of gerrymandering, still a modest number of voters can defeat an incumbent. We talk to voters, and we also talk to the incumbents, so they know we are talking to voters.

We are developing a website that will help every voter in every state learn if they are in a partisn-controlled district, and which party has the advantage. Then the site will help the voter register to vote in the primary for that party. This makes a voter important to the incumbent candidate. Incumbents will feel different about their votes for redistricting bills, and voters will feel different about their own sense of power.

As the primary election approaches in 2018, local activists of Lincoln Brigades will work with other groups to track legislation to end gerrymandering. We will meet with the sponsors of both positive legislation, and with their opponents. We will post updates on our results on our website.

When the primary election arrives, we will again work with local organizations as well as political parties - whichever party is opposed to gerrymandring in that district. We will help with turnout of our primary voters, to swing the primary election toward candidates committed to our cause.

This is a new strategy, never tried or considered before. Many primary elections are decided by just a few votes. We can have leverage greater than any grassroots groups have had since the Tea Party of 2010.

We are working as hard as we can with volunteers, but we have reached a point where we need professional help from accountants, attorneys, and office space to become a national organization.

Our current websiate at has a little bit more information, but it needs professional help too.

Please help in whatever amount you can, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

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