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Our community needs to band together to ensure we keep it safe, vibrant, and a place where people want to raise their children. We need to let the rest of the state know that we are an inclusive, forward-thinking region, open to new employers and cultural ideas. We need to grow our economy, improve our schools, and reduce violent crime. Our values are not being represented in Olympia; in fact, our current representative voted to keep her actions shielded from our state's public records sunshine law. Our current representative voted to keep legal bump stocks, a device responsible for mass murder in Las Vegas, and is heavily backed by the divisive NRA. Our current representative voted against requiring insurers who profit in our state to pay for doctor prescribed women's contraceptives. Our current representative has done nothing to further the vision of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Act to ensure fair housing and integrated communities. (In fact, she voted against a law that requires landlords to take rent from sources other than income, even though the law set up a fund for landlords to economically recover any damages to their units.) Let's strengthen our community through responsible gun laws for responsible adults, access to housing and good schools for our children, privacy laws that protect our data online, and higher quality healthcare, especially for our most vulnerable populations. Take a stand Yakima. Take a stand Goldendale. Take a stand Lyle. Take a stand Bingen. Take a stand White Salmon. Take a stand Stevenson. Your donation makes a huge difference to ensuring that our values are made known in Olympia and across the state.

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