Luis Tejada for Assembly 2018

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The best way for our voices to be heard in Albany is by electing real leaders.

Luis Tejada has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to his community for over 20 years.

  • Relentlessly fighting to preserve affordable housing
  • Advocating for quality education for all students in public schools.
  • Diligently standing up for and denouncing the closure of small businesses and losing jobs.
  • Pioneered the Patient’s rights interpretation and translation services in foreign languages at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.
  • Advocating the civil rights for the unemployed, working class.

These are the many reasons, which led him to establish the Mirabal  Sisters’ Cultural and Community Center in 2001. A non-profit, grassroots, pro-active organization.

Luis Tejada will make Albany listen to our voices. He will continue to do what he does every single day. Advocate for the basic rights of people to live a dignified life in humane conditions. Fight to eliminate discrimination and exclusion of economic resources. Advocate for immigrants’ rights and defend of all us against police brutality, greedy landlords and real estate investors.

It is time to take a new step, FORWARD.

Luis Tejada, will empower our voices!


Your donation today will be a vote for Luis Tejada on Tuesday, September 13, 2018.

Let's make this dream a reality ... Let's act, Now!

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