Rachel Maddow knows....

As we start the debate on the state budget today, I am reminded how personal and emotional the decisions we make are to Wisconsinites all across the state.

Last week, I was proud to stand with my Democratic colleagues to stand up for the health and safety of Wisconsin women and against mandatory forced ultrasounds.

You read that right.

Republicans in the state legislature, for the first time in the history of the state, mandated an invasive medical procedure on all Wisconsin women before they make personal, private healthcare decisions. Democratic women stood together to tell our personal stories about why this bill is so harmful.

Rachel Maddow was so moved by Rep. Mandy Wright’s story that she played it on the show last night.

But the Republicans wouldn't listen. They ignored our experiences as women and passed this draconian bill. In doing so they told all Wisconsin women that we don't matter.

And they are on the verge of ignoring us again as they pass a state budget that is bad for kids, women and hardworking, middle class families.

But we will never stop standing up for you.

We are more resolved than ever to keep standing up for what is right, continuing today as we debate the state budget and their further attacks on our values—from women’s health to the right to a quality public education. Help us hold the Republicans accountable.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Together we will fight the good fight so we can move Wisconsin forward.


Rep. Chris Taylor

Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee Co-Chair

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