Re-elect Claire McCaskill to the US Senate

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Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is in a tough re-election race against conservative Republican Trump-supporter Josh Hawley.

Hawley is anti-choice, and wants pro-life judges appointed to the Supreme Court. As the attorney general of Missouri, Hawley joined a Republican lawsuit seeking to have the ACA declared unconstitutional. He has a 93% rating from the NRA. And Hawley has defended Brett Kavanaugh against sexual assault allegations, claiming that Democrats have staged "an ambush."

McCaskill is pro-choice, has a 100% lifetime rating from Planned Parenthood, voted against the GOP tax cuts for the rich, against the repeal of Obamacare, and has called for more gun control following the Parkland, Florida shooting. And she has an F-rating from the NRA.

And best of all, McCaskill voted against Brett Kavanaugh.

The latest polls show this race to be a tie. With the growing Democratic wave we have a chance to not just take back the House, but to win the Senate as well, bottling up any future nominations Trump makes. Join me in supporting Claire McCaskill and ensuring that Donald Trump has a really bad day this November 6.

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