Support Amy McGrath: Marine fighter pilot, and the future congresswoman from Kentucky

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Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath is running for Congress as a Democrat from the 6th district in Kentucky. McGrath just won her primary last night. Now let's take her across the finish line.

Amy McGrath announced her campaign with a remarkable video last summer. You can watch that above. Her opponent in November will be Republican Rep. Andy Barr.

As for her politics, McGrath says the GOP tax cuts are "fiscally irresponsible and in my opinion just morally wrong." She supports the Affordable Care Act, and is also "100% pro-choice."

Per Bloomberg, McGrath has also adopted a message about America and government that is clearly meant to counter Trump:

“The concern I have is this constant bashing of our institutions, of our principles, bashing the government itself,” she said. “Trust me, I’ve been to countries where there’s no government. And our government’s pretty damned good.”

We can make American governing institutions better, she said, "but we can’t make them better if nobody wants to go into them because we’re bashing them.”

She’s similarly concerned that core American principles are being undermined by attacks and indifference. “Our constitutional principles, which you can say, ‘Well, they’re on a paper and they’ll never be taken away.’ Folks, we have to fight for those every day. Freedom of the press -- you think that can’t go away? OK. Maybe.”


Amy McGrath is the real deal, and part of an amazing Democratic wave of women running for office this fall. Please dig deep and donate to her campaign.

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