A collaborative voice for Ward 6

As a businesswoman, volunteer, mother & wife, I am looking forward to bringing neighbors together and uniting Ward 6.

A city that works together can accomplish great things, and I want to bring my skills to the table to achieve a productive City Council.

I want to be a voice for all of Ward 6 - to make sure that concerns are heard and our needs are met. With contributions to my campaign, we can reach out to many. THANK YOU!

12/20/2019 UPDATE:

As a first time candidate, this has been quite the ride. After topping the Ward 6 Preliminary Election in September, I went on to also win the November 5th election -- by one vote. A recount was requested by my opponent and it occurred on November 25th. The results of the recount confirmed my one vote victory. Unfortunately, my election season is still not over as I was notified December 11th that my opponent has filed suit against the City of Salem and is requesting an injunction to stop me from being sworn in as a City Councillor on January 6th.

While the lawsuit targets the City of Salem, it also seeks to invalidate my victory in Ward 6. As one would anticipate, the lawyers for the City of Salem are working to protect Salem's best interest. It is typical for candidates to join the lawsuit so that the candidate's victory can also be protected. Without representation, I would have no voice in the lawsuit that could effectively overturn my win (x2). My attorney, Dennis Newman, who represented me in the recount, has agreed to continue to represent me. This does not come without a (unexpected) high cost and we have no idea how long this will continue for.

Thank you for your support!

1/08/2020 UPDATE:

After 9 days in court, the judge ruled in favor of The City of Salem and myself on all counts. He has dismissed the case and has cleared the way for me to be sworn in tomorrow (January 9th) at 7:30pm in Council Chambers at City Hall. Together, with the rest of my fellow councilors.

NOTE: The long trial has left the campaign with quite a bill. Any and all donations are so appreciated!


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