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Having been involved in our community, I have worked hard for positive changes. I have spent my time serving on non-profit boards within the arts community, domestic violence advocacy, animal welfare advocacy, scholarship fund organizations, neighborhood associations and in our childrens' school. Now, its time for me to take the next step. 

My family and I are pleased to announce my intent for candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives in District 28. I want to represent the citizens of Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Simonton, Orchard, Aliana and all the areas in between.

I have been watching the state cut funding to our public schools and see programs like Head Start almost eliminated. I have seen our classrooms become more and more crowded. I have watched as this state refused federal funding to expand Texas' Medicaid program, which would provide healthcare to more pregnant women, low income children and those with disabilities. I have seen women's rights, voting rights, the LGBT community and immigrants come under attack.

However, in order to make these changes, I need to launch an aggressive campaign. My opponent is a 6 time incumbent who has run unopposed for the last 3 terms. A doctor by trade, I have watched him vote against the Medicaid expansion 3 days after an interview lauding it's benefits during the 2015 session. I have seen the same man propose $2.4 Billion in Medicaid cuts in the 2017 session.

For me to be successful and affect positive change in our state, it will require grassroots efforts, and I can't do it alone. Brochures, yard signs, flyers, advertising, a website, social media and community events. That's why I'm turning to people who know me best, who know my heart and know that all I want to do is make this state better for all of those who live here. To educate our kids properly. To ensure women, children and the disabled have access to the medical care they need. To honor the promises this state made to our veterans with the Hazlewood Act.

Thank you for your encouragement and your support.

Meghan Scoggins

Candidate for TX House of Representatives- District 28

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