Melanie D'Arrigo

Melanie D'Arrigo for Congress NY-03

I'm Melanie D'Arrigo, and I'm running for Congress in New York's 3rd District.

Our country faces serious problems that aren't being solved because our elected representatives are being paid not to solve them. Big banks fund political campaigns in order to have fewer regulations on Wall St. Fossil fuel companies spend millions so they can destroy our planet for profit. For-profit prisons are the reason we have kids locked in cages at the border and weapons manufactures ensure we continue our forever wars.

Unlike my opponent, I'm not taking corporate money because my policies can't be bought.

My policies prioritize people over corporate profits:

  • Medicare for All because health care is a human right
  • A Green New Deal to end our climate crisis and create jobs
  • Common Sense Gun Safety Laws
  • A far tax system that doesn't force the lower and middle class to bear the financial burden of tax cuts for billionaires
  • Free Public College and more federal funding for public schools
  • Housing as a human right
  • A livable wage, strong unions, and stronger worker protections
  • Equity and equality as human rights

The election in 2020 won't be a political decision, it will be a moral one.

Thank you for contributing to my campaign. Every dollar helps spread our message and pushes us one step closer to victory.

We will win, and we will do it together.

The maximum contribution to our campaign committee is $2800/election, $5,600/year per person.

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