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My name is Melissa Fults and I am running for state Senate District 33 in Arkansas.

I have spent the past seven years fighting for Arkansas patients to have the legal right to use medical cannabis. While gathering signatures for the 2012, 2014, and 2016 ballot-initiated petitions, I had the opportunity to visit with people all across the state, and particularly here in District 33. They expressed concerns about problems with their healthcare, the public school system, and the lack of good paying jobs. As wonderful as our state is, we have too many people hurting, too many people that feel they have no voice and no one to stand for them. That’s why I decided to fight for a seat at the table and run for the state Senate.

The people of District 33 are concerned about poverty in our community, how to bring better paying jobs here, and how to improve our schools and healthcare.

Arkansas is a good state with good people. We have an abundance of natural beauty. We’re well situated geographically and our state has given rise to some of the largest businesses in the nation, like Wal-Mart and Tyson. We should be ranked well amongst the states, but overall we rank in the lowest 10 percent.

Unfortunately, here is what we are #1 in: opioid deaths, births to teen mothers, childhood hunger, senior hunger, and incarceration rates. All of these things are directly attributed to poverty and lack of a good educational program. We fix poverty by fixing public education, starting with paying teachers better salaries and making sure they have the supplies they need to teach our children.

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and the owner of a small dairy goat farm in East End. I have been a resident of District 33 for 30 years. I want to work to improve the public school system, provide more opportunities for pre-K and help students further their education after high school, whether it is in college or trade school. I want to assure that my grandchildren, along with all the children of the state have the opportunity for an excellent education. I want to make sure that if they get sick, their parents have good healthcare so they can afford to take them to the doctor, and I want to work to attract good jobs, so when they do graduate and join the work force, they have options for good paying jobs.

We are a rural district with particular problems. Like you, I care deeply about improving our way of life. Join me and my campaign and together we will build better opportunities for our home district and state.

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