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As I reflect on the past few years it becomes apparent that this country, this America, this USA is due for a smooth ride. We've reached an era unprecedented. A vote for our campaign, Meluch for President, is a vote for an unbeatable economy. Our vote stands for core Democratic principles and the continuation of those policies which have been left for the successor. A vote for Meluch is a vote for housing. It is a vote for a strong constitution--inviolable in the Bill of Rights. It will take a constitutional amendment to restore our great country to its original state of being, as is per the year 1776, We will bring the military home to an America suitable for heroes. All of this is on the way. We can't accomplish more than we have without contributions. Amazing as it may seem, a contribution to this campaign, Meluch for President goes a long way toward realizing the foundation of this platform. Remember, you too can become president in this United States of America. The fact remains for our next generation if not for now. Take heart, we support the social gospel. We support housing for every citizen. We support bringing our troops home and maintaining a quality of living commensurate to the rights of an American Citizen, one or several. This is the time to work for tomorrow. With this economic plan, I hope that you will agree that this America, this United States of America looks so much more like a Ski Resort than a City Park. Yes, it is that year. Status quo or better, never the reverse.- Sincerely, Bryan A. Meluch

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