121 and Counting: Help us urge members to call for impeachment

With the release of the redacted Mueller Report (and now his testimony) and all of its damning details exposing Trump's corruption and lawlessness, the Democratic Coalition is ramping up our grassroots campaign to convince as many members of Congress to publicly call for an impeachment inquiry.

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We've already had more than 41,000 people send more than 123,000 letters in favor of impeachment, but we need many more.

We currently have 121 members of Congress who have at least said they would support an impeachment inquiry. See the list below.

If your member is not listed, then write them here and then call them at (202) 224-3121.

And then please donate so we can put even more money into our social media operations to grow this list.

  1. Adams, Alma (D-NC)
  2. Aguilar, Pete (D-CA)
  3. Amash, Justin (Ind.-MI)
  4. Barragán, Nanette (D-CA)
  5. Bass, Karen (D-CA)
  6. Beatty, Joyce (D-OH)
  7. Beyer, Don (D-VA)
  8. Blumenauer, Earl (D-OR)
  9. Blunt Rochester, Lisa (D-DE)
  10. Bonamici, Suzanne (D-OR)
  11. Boyle, Brendan (D-PA)
  12. Brownley, Julia (D-CA)
  13. Butterfield, G.K. (D-NC)
  14. Carbajal, Salud (D-CA)
  15. Cárdenas, Tony (D-CA)
  16. Carson, Andre (D-IN)
  17. Casten, Sean (D-IL)
  18. Castro, Joaquin (D-TX)
  19. Chu, Judy (D-CA)
  20. Cicilline, David (D-RI)
  21. Clark, Katherine (D-MA)
  22. Clarke, Yvette (D-NY)
  23. Clay, William Lacy (D-MO)
  24. Cleaver, Emanuel (D-MO)
  25. Cohen, Steve (D-TN)
  26. Crow, Jason (D-CO)
  27. Davis, Danny (D-IL)
  28. Dean, Madeleine (D-PA)
  29. DeFazio, Peter (D-OR)
  30. DeGette, Diana (D-CO)
  31. DelBene, Suzane (D-WA)
  32. Demings, Val (D-FL)
  33. DeSaulnier, Mark (D-CA)
  34. Deutch, Ted (D-FL)
  35. Doggett, Lloyd (D-TX)
  36. Doyle, Mike (D-PA)
  37. Engel, Eliot (D-NY)
  38. Escobar, Veronica (D-TX)
  39. Espaillat, Adriano (D-NY)
  40. Evans, Dwight (D-PA)
  41. Fudge, Marcia (D-OH)
  42. Gallego, Ruben (D-AZ)
  43. Garamendi, John (D-CA)
  44. Garcia, Jesus "Chuy" (D-IL)
  45. Gomez, Jimmy (D-CA)
  46. Green, Al (D-TX)
  47. Grijalva, Raul (D-AZ)
  48. Heck, Denny (D-WA)
  49. Higgins, Brian (D-NY)
  50. Himes, Jim (D-CT)
  51. Huffman, Jared (D-CA)
  52. Jackson Lee, Sheila (D-TX)
  53. Jayapal, Pramila (D-WA)
  54. Kelly, Robin (D-IL)
  55. Kennedy, Joe III (D-MA)
  56. Kildee, Daniel (D-MI)
  57. Kilmer, Derek (D-WA)
  58. Kirkpatrick, Ann (D-AZ)
  59. Kuster, Ann McLane (D-NH)
  60. Larsen, Rick (D-WA)
  61. Lawrence, Brenda (D-MI)
  62. Lee, Barbara (D-CA)
  63. Levin, Andy (D-MI)
  64. Levin, Mike (D-CA)
  65. Lieu, Ted (D-CA)
  66. Lowenthal, Alan (D-CA)
  67. Lowey, Nita (D-NY)
  68. Malinowski, Tom (D-NJ)
  69. Maloney, Carolyn (D-NY)
  70. Matsui, Doris (D-CA)
  71. McCollum, Betty (D-MN)
  72. McGovern, Jim (D-MA)
  73. Meng, Grace (D-NY)
  74. Moore, Gwen (D-WI)
  75. Moulton, Seth (D-MA)
  76. Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (D-FL)
  77. Napolitano, Grace (D-CA)
  78. Neguse, Joe (D-CO)
  79. Norcross, Donald (D-NJ)
  80. Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria (D-NY)
  81. Omar, Ilhan (D-MN)
  82. Pallone, Frank (D-NJ)
  83. Pappas, Chris (D-NH)
  84. Pascrell, Bill Jr. (D-NJ)
  85. Payne Jr, Donald (D-NJ)
  86. Peters, Scott (D-CA)
  87. Pingree, Chellie (D-ME)
  88. Pocan, Mark (D-WI)
  89. Porter, Katie (D-CA)
  90. Pressley, Ayanna (D-MA)
  91. Quigley, Mike (D-IL)
  92. Raskin, Jamie (D-MD)
  93. Rice, Kathleen (D-NY)
  94. Richmond, Cedric (D-LA)
  95. Rouda, Harley (D-CA)
  96. Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D-CA)
  97. Rush, Bobby (D-IL)
  98. Ryan, Tim (D-OH)
  99. Scanlon, Mary Gay (D-PA)
  100. Schakowsky, Jan (D-IL)
  101. Schrier, Kim (D-WA)
  102. Serrano, Jose (D-NY)
  103. Sherman, Brad (D-CA)
  104. Smith, Adam (D-WA)
  105. Speier, Jackie (D-CA)
  106. Stanton, Greg (D-AZ)
  107. Swalwell, Eric (D-CA)
  108. Thompson, Bennie (D-MS)
  109. Titus, Dina (D-NV)
  110. Tlaib, Rashida (D-MI)
  111. Tonko, Paul (D-NY)
  112. Torres, Norma (D-CA)
  113. Trahan, Lori (D-MA)
  114. Vargas, Juan (D-CA)
  115. Vela, Filemon (D-TX)
  116. Velázquez, Nydia (D-NY)
  117. Waters, Maxine (D-CA)
  118. Watson Coleman, Bonnie (D-NJ)
  119. Welch, Peter (D-VT)
  120. Wexton, Jennifer (D-VA)
  121. Yarmuth, John (D-KY)

Note: Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia - who is a non-voting member of Congress but does have a vote in the Democratic Caucus - also supports an impeachment inquiry.

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