Greig Women in Leadership Fund

100 Years of Women's Suffrage Celebration!

The 19th amendment guarantees American women the right to vote. Achieving this milestone required a lengthy and difficult struggle; victory took decades of agitation and protest. Beginning in the mid-1800s, several generations of suffragettes and their supporters worked tirelessly to achieve what many considered a radical change of the Constitution. 

Michigan became the 2nd state to ratify the 19th amendment on June 10, 1919.

Please Join House Democratic Leader Christine Greig (only the second woman to hold this position) and our special guests in celebrating Michigan's 100th anniversary on June 9, 2019 in Heritage Park in Farmington Hills from 1-3 pm. This is a family friendly event that will take you back to 1919 - complete with hot dogs, lemonade and ice cream.

As we remember and celebrate this milestone for women, we will recommit our support of women who are ready and eager to run for office. It's not just about Votes for Women, but also - Vote for Women.

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