Michael Diaz

Mike Diaz, Mayor-elect of Stephens City

On Tuesday, December 2nd, the council of the Town of Stephens City, with the support of the outgoing Mayor, unanimously voted to amend an ordinance that would reduce, if not outright remove most of the governing authority of the office of Mayor and transfer it to the Town Manager. This is not dissimilar to actions taken against other democratically elected representatives, in various positions and municipalities across the nation, in an effort by opposing political parties to retain control and circumvent the will of the people. It’s a power grab and it is a direct attack on Democracy itself and the founding principles of our country.

This particular ordinance, aside from ignoring the choice the town residents made in November, also happens to be in direct violation of the Stephens City Town Charter and is thus, unenforceable. The law and the will of the People are clear on this matter and I intend to address this directly with the Council at the next scheduled meeting. If the issue cannot be resolved in a neighborly fashion, if they are unwilling to abide by the Charter and will of the town residents, then it may be required to defend the office of Mayor in court.

I have no desire to begin my tenure as Mayor in the court room, but I chose to run and serve the people of this town because their voices and needs have gone unheard and unanswered for far too long. This move by the Council is nothing more than an attempt to further stifle those voices and I will not stand for it. To that end, I have decided to seek legal advice to determine the best course of action in the event the Town Council refuses to do the right thing and that will come at great personal expense.

Your outpouring of support has been already been extremely generous and I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you’ve done to get me this far. Your continued support will not only allow me to have adequate legal counsel and representation, but will stand as a solid defense of Democracy and the ideals behind our entire system of government. If you’re able, please consider donating $50, or whatever you feel compelled to offer to help me in this endeavor. Let the voices of The People be heard.

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