Jump Start

In 2018, I built a grassroots campaign, entirely funded by people like you. I met with people across the state talking about issues important to NH, like drinking water protection, climate change, protecting public health, making sure we expand and protect everyone's access to healthcare, and extending and protecting rights to everyone regardless of their gender identity, race or religion.

I am proud of the fact that we stuck to our grassroots campaign goals and came in 3rd in a crowded field of 11.

I am so grateful for the support from the people of NH who believed in the value of a science-based approach to solve problems and tackle important issues in NH. But there is so much work yet to do. We need people who are not afraid to step up to protect our courts from partisan appointees, promote and expand participation of women in appointed positions and ensure that money spent is line with the values of NH citizens.

Since the 2018 primary, I have continued to support candidates and newly elected officials. I continue to work on the important issues with our newly elected representatives on the state and national level.

I look to 2020 with optimism and continued determination for what we can accomplish together.

With your help, I am getting an early start, continuing build on what we started in 2018 looking toward 2020. Please help me get an early jump!

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