Michael Muscato

Let’s Finish What We Started!

In 2018, Democrats came closer than ever to defeating Republicans for the CD8 Congressional seat. Through the work of a great candidate, dedicated staff and volunteers, we reduced the margin of victory from 37% to 11%, a drop of 26% in one election cycle! Democrats in other states have overcome a 11% margin in recent elections to win seats, which means we can do it, too.

We can’t lose this momentum!

Allowing Republican Debbie Lesko to keep this seat means Social Security, Medicare, affordable healthcare, quality education, trade, increased national debt, and our nation’s reputation are all at risk. It means short-sighted immigration bills will be passed that waste money, harms trade, damages families and hurts children. It means lobbyists and ALEC will have more influence over our representative than you do. We just can’t allow that to happen.

Meet Michael Muscato

Michael Muscato is a life-long resident of CD8, growing up in Peoria and the West Valley. He’s married with two boys, is an internationally recognized music concert director, and owns one of the most successful CrossFit gyms in Maricopa County. His positions on the issues are practical, informed, affordable and responsible. He’s exactly the right person to represent the citizens of CD8 and the right person to defeat Debbie Lesko. Learn more at Muscato4Congress.com and sign his nomination petition here.

Democrats raised $2.1M in the last election cycle and we came within points of turning a red seat blue. We need your generous contribution today to help bring competence and civility back to Washington.

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