Musicians Against Gun Violence

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Funds raised by the Musicians Against Gun Violence Super PAC will be used for political video ad campaigns in support of candidates in the 2018 Midterm Elections who are working to achieve the following goals:

  1. Ban on assault weapons, bump stocks, high capacity magazines, undetectable and untraceable 3D printed guns, and guns that resemble objects other than guns (i.e., guns that look like cell phones) 
  2. Universal, comprehensive background checks, to include a ban on sales to domestic abusers
  3. Mandatory waiting period 
  4. Minimum 21 years of age for gun purchases
  5. Fund CDC research on gun violence
  6. Mandatory gun registration
  7. Upgrade the ATF with a modern database & national gun registry
  8. Achieve mental health equivalence in insurance coverage, and prioritize funding for clinics
  9. Active address of systemic racism and inequality—increased funding for public education and minority small business programs, legislation and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws, dismantling of privatized prisons

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