Mussab Ali

I Want To Help Mussab Ali Change The Education System!

Thank You For Standing With Me! Thank You For Standing With Students! (Scroll Down To Reach The Contribution Form)

This campaign revolves around taking politics out of education and bringing the focus back to where it matters: the students. 

I am beyond grateful for your support through awareness, volunteering, and canvassing. After being elected last year, however, I now have a more comprehensive understanding of the role a board member who is managing a $525M+ budget.

During my first year in office, I saw that with my voice alone I could create real change!

I was thrust into situations primed for failure, but still I was able to work with my fellow board members to end a teachers strike, balance a budget deficit of over $70 million, keep sports intact, and introduce halal food into school cafeterias.

If I could do so much in one year, how much more could I do in three years?

I suddenly realized that one year was not enough. However, if I want to run for re-election I need funds.

As a 21 year old college student, working as a board member with a salary of $0.00, I need every single dollar you can contribute.

This is a grass-roots movement that organizes people in all parts of Jersey City. I want to inspire national change by showing the difference a great education system can make in Jersey City.

If you can afford to, please consider donating whatever you can to this campaign.

About My Platform

My platform revolves around 6 major issues:

1. Full Funding of Jersey City Public Schools


2. Financial Accountability


3. School Safety


4. College and Career Readiness

5. Educational Equity 

6. Local Control

About Mussab Ali:

Mussab Ali is a 21-year-old resident of Jersey City, NJ who recently became both the youngest elected official and the first Muslim elected official in the largest city - Jersey City - in NJ. 


In 2016 Trump publicly stated that he saw people celebrating in Jersey City, NJ during the 9/11 attacks. To counteract his negative emotions, Mussab, a 19-year-old Muslim kid, announced he was going to run for Board of Education so that he could help pave a road to have Muslim voices and youth voices as part of the larger political discussion. At age 20, after a grueling campaign, Mussab was elected to the board with over 8,300 votes while also being honored with the prestigious Truman Award.

In this position, he also serves as the chair of both the Student Equity Committee and the newly formed Health, Wellness and Nutrition Committee. Mussab was also appointed to the Immigration Affairs Commission in Jersey City in 2017 and elected as vice chair by his peers. 

During his first year in office, Mussab managed to end a teachers strike, balance a budget deficit of over $70 million, keep sports intact, and introduce halal food into school cafeterias.

Mussab Ali is a Phi Beta Kappa, dual major in biology and economics at Rutgers-Newark University entering his senior year.

He founded a chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success at Rutgers-Newark where he has also served as the president of the Muslim Students Association. Mussab was awarded the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship in 2017, the first in the history of his university, and was as an Eagleton Undergraduate Associate Class of 2018. 

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