Nancy Savage for State Senate District 20

Together we can keep New Mexico Enchanted!

As a former educator in New Mexico prisons, I have seen first-hand how education can prevent recidivism and could have given opportunities to New Mexicans to choose a different path. As an operations project manager for Small Business Innovation Research for the Army Developmental Test Command, I have seen first-hand the policies that can improve tech-transfer from our labs and help support the growth of small businesses. As an environmental advocate, long-time New Mexico resident and grandparent, I have seen first-hand the importance of protecting our natural resources, the beauty of New Mexico, and the health of our future generations.

New Mexico is at a significant crossroads. We have largely recovered from the 2008 great recession and are seeing job growth and modest economic markers improve. We have a new governor who is focusing on our economic strengths, our film, tourism, arts, and outdoor recreation industries, but we still have work to do to diversify our economy. Our budgets, and therefore our schools, services, and infrastructure, are still largely dependent on oil and gas production.

As we know from periods of downturn, all of our eggs in one basket is unwise for stability and investing only in oil & gas risks our children and grandchildren's health and our beautiful New Mexican land and water. Our economy is still fragile and requires much more aggressive diversification into tech start-ups, growing small businesses into medium-sized businesses and, building highly-skilled green industries so we can weather any potential future downturns and the important transition away from the fossil fuel industries.

In the north-east side of Albuquerque, we are seeing some improvement in economic markers, but we need better education, public safety, and infrastructure for our quality of life in our district. We need reform to some of our broken systems and safety nets designed to improve educational outcomes, help our most vulnerable get back on their feet, and keep us safe.

Join me on my campaign to protect our land and water, improve education and public safety, and grow a green economy.

- Nancy

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