Tanner Sunderman

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The time for a new generation of leaders has come.

Tanner Sunderman is a first time candidate who isn't running for special interests or for personal power, he's running to listen to your voice and turn it into change. You have a concern? Tanner will have a plan for that. From housing reform, criminal justice reform, to a renewed focus on access to education, there is nothing that he won't tackle for you.

A former speech and debate champion and current coach, Tanner understands just how important the power of a voice is. As an openly LGBTQIA+ candidate, he understands the fear that everyday people may face because of who they are, and what it feels like when it seems that no one is listening.

Tanner is running to hear you, to see you, and to make sure you are able to put your fears to rest. We're relying on people like you to help create a movement that reminds politicians that this is not a career and that they are employed by the people.

All donations go to the dedicated staff and resources needed to help push this vision forward.

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