Nicole Thompson for Missouri Donate

I need your help getting the word out about my run for Missouri State Senate. We all wish there were less money in politics, but the truth is, even sending a $0.34 postcard to all of the registered voters in District 6 to let them know I'm running would cost $40,821.08. That is more than the average annual salary for a Missouri state worker. And that's just for the postage!

Now I probably won't be sending out postcards to every registered voter in the district (experts say a campaign should be more focused than that), but I will be knocking on all the doors I can and I will be handing out as much information as I can. After all, I believe that democracy depends on informed people and government should be accessible. That is why I am asking for your donations to my campaign for a more Open, Honest, and Responsive government in Missouri. Every little bit helps. Together we can win!

Thank you,

Nicole Thompson, Candidate

Missouri State Senate District 6

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  3. I am at least eighteen years old.
  4. I will disclose to the recipient of my contribution any contract I have with the Missouri state government.
  5. This contribution is not from a corporation or labor organization.

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