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NY Renews is an unparalleled coalition of over 180 labor, community, and environmental organizations across the state, banded together to pass landmark legislation that moves our state to renewable energy, protects frontline communities, supports workers, and makes polluters pay their fair share.

We just passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which the NY Times called "the world's most ambitious climate plan."

As a result, we will create hundreds of thousands of new, clean energy jobs for our state every year, protect thousands of people from pollution-related health problems, keep communities resilient to the next big storm, and much more.

But the Governor stepped in to undermine key equity and labor provisions in the final bill – and we're committed to coming back bigger and bolder to continue the fight to protect our communities.

We need your help to make the vision of true climate justice possible. We really appreciate your contribution – and we encourage you to sustain this fight with a monthly contribution!

If you would prefer a tax deduction for your contribution (one-time or monthly), please make your contribution at this link. c4 contributions are not tax-deductible. NY Renews is a project of Tides Advocacy.

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