Obama Alumni: Local+State

27 Obama Alumni are running in state and local races! 18 of them are a part of this ActBlue account*. Help them run the best race possible by donating to their campaigns.

Statewide Candidates

Richard Cordray (Governor of OH)

Quentin Palfrey( Lieutenant Gov of Massachusetts )

Eleni Kounalakis (California Lt. Governor)

*Joshua Tenorio (Lt. Governor of Guam)

January Contreras (Arizona Attorney General)

Phil Weiser (Colorado Attorney General)

Steve Dettelbach (Attorney General of OH)

Jena Griswold for (Colorado Sec. of State)

Deidre DeJear (Iowa Secretary of State)

Tim Gannon (Iowa Secretary of Agriculture)

*Samuel Bagenstos (Supreme Court of Michigan)

Jordan Acker (University of Michigan Board of Reagents)

Candidates running for State House and State Senate  

Julian Cyr (Massachusetts State Senate)

Rochelle Galindo (Colorado State House 50th Dist )

Wiley Nickel (NC State Senate, 16th Dist.)

Dylan Roberts (Colorado State House 26th District)

Taylor Sappington (Ohio House 94th Dist.)

*Buffy Wicks (California State Assembly- 15th Dist)

Candidates in Local Races

Andrew Friedson (Montgomery County Council, District 1, MD)

*Giselle Hale (Redwood City City Council, CA)

Matt Haney (San Francisco Board of Supervisors, CA)

*Will Jawando (Montgomery County Council At-Large, MD)

*Michael Negron (47th ward alderman, Chicago)

*Christian Motley (Lexington Urban-County Council, 8th Dist., KT)

*Hans Riemer (Montgomery County At-Large, MD)

*Tony Washington (Tax Collector, Jefferson County, AK)

Yeshimebet Abebe (Black Hawk County Supervisor, IA)

*Denotes the candidate does not have an act blue account. You can still donate to these candidates through their websites: 










For more info about these and other Obama Alumni running for office visit our website: www.obamaalumniassociation.org/candidates/

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