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After budget passage, at 3 a.m. in the morning, Peter Barca announced “Governor Walker’s vision for Wisconsin was just rubber-stamped by the Assembly Republicans”. He couldn’t be more correct.

I have seen few budgets that do more to attack the middle class. That's why we are asking for your financial support for the ADCC.

Assembly Republicans rubber-stamped raising taxes on working class families, while giving giant tax breaks to Republican donors. They blindly followed Scott Walker in pushing middle class families under the corporate bus.

We need to rollback this radical agenda hell bent on expanding the difference between the richest few and everyone else.

This cannot happen without your help and support. The only way we roll back these terrible policies is by taking back political power, including gaining control of the majority in the state assembly.

You may remember a couple of months ago, I sent you an email asking for help for Steve Doyle in La Crosse. With your support, we won back that assembly seat previously held by Secretary Mike Heubsch. With your help once again, we will continue to pick off these republican seats, one by one.

It takes just one click to start to roll back these policies. I hope we can count on your financial support today.

Dave Obey

PS: There are 21 assembly districts more democratic than the one we just won with Steve Doyle last month. With your help, we can flip them all.

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