Thank You For Supporting Ohio For The People!

Ohio For The People is an Ohio-based PAC using data-based digital tools and methods informed by constant testing to ensure Issue One passes. Ohio was the first and only state to actually sell one of its prisons to a private company - we need criminal justice reform in the worst possible way.

Ohio Issue One is on the ballot because of dedicated community organizers and their years of hard work. We want to make sure that this is the time that we make real progress at the ballot box - and in so doing, also increase turnout! All the data gathered in our testing on this campaign will inform work on Ohio-based progressive causes and candidates in the future - Ohio For The People will always work toward a society where the default is that we take care of each other.

Every dollar you can contribute allows us to reach out to more voters. Our overall contact hypothesis should mean that voters we contact are already receptive to our message - and we can warm up ~1000 people and then text them with a followup for around $27. Anything you can chip in makes a big difference - every dollar goes toward testing and voter contact.

Contribution rules

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Ohio For The People is an Ohio PAC and donations are not tax-deductible.

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