Civic education for adults.

We the People...don't understand government. How it works, who's in it, how they got there, what they do, and how we can affect it.

After No Child Left Behind (2001) and Common Core (2010), civics was removed from our schools. Those two initiatives prioritized reading and math at the expense of civics (and other subjects); so after 18 years of cuts, we have:

• Governmental stagnation

• Hyper-partisanship

• Lack of civic participation

• Widespread media bias

• Mass institutional distrust

• Propagandistic susceptibility

Civic education groups are trying to return civics to schools, but if you aren't in school, that's unhelpful.

So OMG WTF has decided to create civic education for adults, because we also don't know civics. But we feel like we should, so we often hide how little we know. But there's no shame in a) not knowing what you weren't taught or b) forgetting what you were briefly taught, for a year at most, sometime before you were 19.

If we do this right, we won't have to beg millions of adults to vote, because they'll already know. And we won't just participate in government around elections, we'll engage with it regularly to push for laws and hold our reps accountable.

Your support helps to repair, and reinforce, the foundational cracks in our republic.

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