People for Danica 2017

"Virginia Democratic Voters nominated the first transgender candidate for the state’s House of Delegates on Tuesday, pitting former journalist Danica Roem against a leading transphobic lawmaker, incumbent Republican Bob Marshall.

Roem won a heavily contested primary, as a number of Democrats jumped into the race sensing that Marshall may be vulnerable. Marshall is in his 11th term in a district that encompasses Prince William County, which has been been trending more Democratic in recent years, and away from Marshall’s brand of politics.

He has spent significant amounts of his legislative career pushing a hardline Christian conservative agenda. He has attempted to ban gay people from serving in the Virginia National Guard, pushed for a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound for women seeking an abortion, and in January introduced a “bathroom bill” to discriminate against transgender people. Roem played a leading role in the successful opposition to the bill." -From The Intercept's 6/13 article, "Transgender candidate won primary to take on the most transphobic lawmaker in richmond" 

Let's help Danica get a head start to take on this bigot. Give what you can below and help spread the word:

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