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I am a parent, an educator, and a scientist. And I would like to serve our community as a member of the Salem School Committee. I ask for your consideration and for your vote.

My oldest is a third-grader at the Bates Elementary School and my youngest will be starting kindergarten there next year. As a chemistry professor at Salem State University, I have worked with the third grade teachers and students at the Horace Mann Laboratory School, and I’ve been involved in science outreach with students from Bates Elementary, Collins Middle and New Liberty Innovation Schools.

I have seen first-hand the excitement and enthusiasm our children have for learning about the world. I’ve witnessed the impressive skill, excellence and dedication that our teachers and school communities demonstrate in their work. But I have also experienced some of the frustrations of being in this district and, as someone who has taught Salem Public School graduates, I know how our schools can even better prepare our kids to succeed in college and beyond.

On the School Committee I will be a progressive voice for equity and inclusion, evidence-based policies and programs, and transparency and communication in the decision-making process. While progress has been made in some areas of our schools, much work remains to be done. And I think it is critical that Salem Public School families have voices at the table while that work is undertaken.

Just as I do in my classroom and in my research, I will approach matters thoughtfully and actively seek additional perspectives. Evidence and equity will be the driving principles in my decisions. I believe our public conversations should be open and civil, but honest. And I believe our elected leaders have a responsibility - to the voters and to our kids - to be engaged, involved, and accessible.

I look forward to talking with you about our schools over the coming months - and, I hope, earning your support this fall.

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