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Wins in Georgia's 6th congressional and the Virginia race for governor would be a slap in the face to Trump. (PCCC)

Republicans have spent millions on the congressional race in Georgia's 6th because they're terrified what a Democratic pickup would say about Trump's presidency and the whole Republican agenda. Trump himself just headlined a fundraiser for Ossoff's Republican opponent who resigned from a cancer charity in disgrace after she injected her abortion politics into it and created a national scandal.

A Jon Ossoff victory will send a message nationwide -- voters won't stand for Trump's anti-worker, anti-immigrant agenda.

A win by bold progressive Tom Perriello in the race for Virginia governor will show Republicans that Americans will fight Trump's agenda at the state and local level -- not just in Washington DC.

Can you fight back with a $3 donation to the campaigns of Jon Ossoff in Georgia and Tom Perriello in Virginia? You can also donate to the PCCC's work fighting Trump's agenda and finding and supporting progressive candidates. Or, donate by mail here.

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