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Progressives need Katie Porter in Congress. (PCCC)

Elizabeth Warren says, "Katie has been my partner in these fights for years -- and she'll make a terrific partner in Congress."

Katie Porter (CA-45) is an authentic, gut-level economic populist who will inspire voters because she is instinctively on the side of working people. Katie is the Elizabeth Warren of California, and when she’s elected, she’ll be the Elizabeth Warren of the House of Representatives.

Katie is the lead consumer watchdog in the state of California, as appointed by Kamala Harris. She has worked with Elizabeth Warren for nearly 20 years, since she was a student in Warren's bankruptcy class.

Katie and Senator Warren worked together to study families in bankruptcy and who were being cheated by banks, and have co-authored two books and testified side by side in Congress. She is someone who has been putting her activism for working families into practice for decades.

Katie's campaign and our PCCC team on the ground swooped into action this week and set up a rapid response text messaging program to key voters, debunking lies being spread by opponents. Many voters have said thank you for the information!

To reach thousands more voters with this rapid-response text messaging program and maximize tomorrow's Get Out The Vote effort, Katie needs an infusion of final funds. Can you chip in what you can to her campaign today? She needs our help NOW as the primary is this Tuesday!

You can donate on this page or by mail to Katie Porter's campaign here, or to our work expanding the "Warren wing" in Congress here.

Elizabeth Warren campaigning with Katie Porter.

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