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The DCCC is undermining progressives. Help the progressives FIGHT BACK.

In every district the DCCC is trying to push progressives out, big, economic populist ideas are popular and give Democrats the best chance to win in November.

The DCCC is opposing progressive hero Kara Eastman who is running in a swing Nebraska district with a May 15th primary. Kara decided to run after her mom had cancer and was paying $2,500 per pill for treatment, so she's making Medicare For All a centerpiece of her campaign. The DCCC is backing Brad Ashford -- a former Republican and corporate "New Democrat" who opposes many abortion rights in a district Trump only won by 1 point.

They're also doing it in a key Pennsylvania district with a May 15th primary. The Washington Post reported: "Greg Edwards, a pastor running for a newly drawn swing seat told The Washington Post that the DCCC had approached local Democrats to ask whether he could be persuaded to seek another office." Edwards told reporters, “As far as I know, they only targeted one candidate to leave this race — the most progressive candidate, the only candidate of color." Greg is also running on Medicare For All.

The most recent example is in Colorado, where Levi Tillemann, an author, inventor, and former official with the Obama administration’s Energy Department, is focusing his campaign on clean elections, combating climate change, “Medicare for All,” free community college, and confronting economic inequality and monopoly power. Unfortunately, Democratic whip Steny Hoyer favors the other candidate in the race -- a corporate lawyer -- and has pressured Tillemann to drop out.

Please donate $3 to 3 progressives the DCCC is trying to defeat in upcoming primaries by putting their finger on the scale for corporate Democrats. 

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