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Can you chip in $3 to these progressive champs today?

Jamie Raskin is a frontrunner for an open congressional seat in Maryland. He literally wrote the book on gerrymandering reform.

Mark Pocan and Keith Ellison are leading on a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights.

Ruben Gallego is from one of the Arizona congressional districts upheld today as being fair by the Supreme Court today.

Rick Nolan is in a key race in Minnesota.

Russ Feingold and Brian Schatz are leaders on campaign finance reform.

Pundits and political insiders will be scrutinizing their end-of-quarter fundraising filings to judge their strength going into the 2016 race.

Can you donate $3 or more to each of these progressive champs today? You can also donate to our work to elect more bold progressives on the right or by mail.

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