Help these 3 progressives DEFEAT their Republican opponents!

"I need Mark Udall (Colorado), Bruce Braley (Iowa), and Mark Begich (Alaska) to win their elections. All three races are neck and neck." -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Senator Mark Udall of Colorado has pledged to never cut Social Security benefits and he supports Elizabeth Warren's bold plans to reduce student debt, increase the minimum wage, and fight for middle class families against powerful interests. His Senate race in Colorado is being watched closely by both sides as it could determine who controls the Senate.

Bruce Braley is the leader of the House Populist Caucus. He's in one of the most important Senate races in the country for progressives. Bruce will be a strong voice in the fight to level the playing field for working families – whether it’s protecting Social Security for our seniors, supporting Warren’s plan to make college more affordable for our kids, or holding powerful interests accountable.

Senator Mark Begich is running for re-election in Alaska. We don't agree with him on every issue, but he's been running a bold campaign on expanding Social Security benefits, one of our biggest priorities, and he is a co-sponsor of Elizabeth Warren's bill to reduce student loan debt. He's in one of the closest races in the country and his race -- along with Iowa and Colorado -- could determine which party takes the Senate.

If you want Democrats to keep our Senate majority, please donate $3 to their campaigns.

You can also support our work with other progressive candidates. Donate to the right or by mail here.

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