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94% of Wisconsin PCCC members said Chris Larson should run for Milwaukee Executive. Chris has been on the front lines against Governor Scott Walker's assault on unions -- and was one of our closest collaborators during the Wisconsin recalls. He says, "We have seen coordination by the elite class seeking to dismantle the institutions that we cherish, like public education." He won his first election by assembling a coalition of labor and environmental groups to defeat a conservative Democrat for Senate. Milwaukee Executive is one of the most powerful positions in Wisconsin, and we need Chris there.

80% of Vermont PCCC members said Kesha Ram should run for Lt. Governor. Kesha is 29 years old, has quickly risen the leadership ranks of the Vermont legislature, and has been a longtime PCCC collaborator. She's running for Lt. Governor on populist themes, saying we must "strengthen our economy for working families, expand access to affordable early childhood and higher education, and bring homeownership within reach for the middle class." We wonder what could be next for Kesha if she wins statewide as Lt. Governor next year...

85% of New Hampshire PCCC members said Colin Van Ostern should run for Governor. Colin was campaign manager for a PCCC-endorsed campaign, then won office himself, and is now the front-runner for New Hampshire Governor. He is also an expert on higher education and was one of our earliest collaborators on debt-free college. As a progressive Executive Councilor, he fought to protect Planned Parenthood, expand commuter rail, expand renewable energy, and expand access to health care. Winning the New Hampshire governor race would be a great investment in our progressive future.

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