PEC High-Impact Races 2020

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This year, your donations will help local policies and stop gerrymandering.

At stake in 2020 are not only the Presidency, but control of the U.S. Senate. Also, state legislatures will influence redistricting for the entire decade to come.

Your donations have the greatest effect when they are directed at close races where swinging a few votes might have a major effect on the political landscape. This year, the Princeton Election Consortium is focused on state-level questions.

Nationwide: The Future Now Fund is focusing on key districts in states across the nation. Their efforts are optimized for maximum leverage.

Florida: Voter efforts are most valuable in the 14 districts that will determine partisan control of the Florida state House. These races were decided by about 2,000 votes each. But an average of 12,000 ex-felons per district can rejoin society by registering to vote! The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition is helping them do that, with legal help and by covering fees and fines that they owe.

Kansas: Flipping one legislative seat will break the supermajority and lead to bipartisan rule, including redistricting. Johnson County Democrats of Kansas work in a blue-trending, suburban part of the state.

We'll update this list as we get more information. Current version: February 9, 2020.

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