2018 Frances Perkins Award Dinner

Saturday May 5th

Social Hour 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

Damariscotta Lake Farm Restaurant

The biennial Frances Perkins Award Dinner honors a Lincoln County Democrat who exemplifies through their efforts, the continuing legacy of Frances Perkins. Perkins, whose family is based in Newcastle, Maine, served as Secretary of Labor for all three terms of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She was the lead advocate of the New Deal for Social Security, workers' hours, compensation, and unemployment insurance, as well as child labor laws. Lincoln County Democrats and Frances Perkins Award recipients strive to maintain these social reforms and extend the same political astuteness toward the problems and concerns of our time.

We are pleased to honor Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall at this year's award dinner as a long time volunteer and supporter of LCDC's work. Tomlin has volunteered endless hours making phone calls and volunteering at the campaign headquarters. And he has worked to ensure that current generations understand and sustain the programs which improve all our lives as a result of his grandmother Frances Perkins' lifelong work. Since the time of the New Deal, these programs have never been more important to people's lives, nor more endangered than they are today.


Appetizers and Cocktails (Cash Bar)

Baked Haddock, Chicken Marsala, Vegetarian Lasagna

Rice, Rolls, and Salad

Blueberry Cake


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