Adrian Plank

It's Time to Flip the 47th!

Thank you for your support!

Without folks like you making a difference in Missouri this campaign wouldn't be possible. Every penny you donate will be used to purchase supplies, host events and make a difference in Mid-Missouri. This campaign is going to be a tough one, so consider making your donation a recurring one.

I'm a working man who's fighting for working Missourians. I'm not going to sacrifice morals for money. That's why I don't take corporate PAC or lobbyist donations, but that also means I'll need more support from folks like you.

When I become the next representative of the 47th, I'll stand up against the anti-worker groups that fund the Republican party. We need a leader who will stand for the people, not the corporations or lobbyists.

Thanks again for your support.
-Adrian Plank

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