Jeffrey Politis

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I am Jeffrey Politis and I am running for the Delaware State Senate in the 5th district.  Many people have asked me why I am running and the answer is simple – I can and want to do more – more to help our neighbors, our communities and our state.  This desire to help is at the fabric of who I am.  

Like all of us, I wear many hats.  First and foremost, I am a father and husband, brother and son.  The things that I look to do will always start with that basic foundation and how to help families thrive.  Secondly, I am a curious problem solver.  I earned a PhD from the University of Michigan in Macromolecular Science and Engineering and in doing so learned how to tackle problems at their root cause – seeking solutions that address the foundation of the problem and not just band-aids that treat the symptoms. Problem-solving and finding innovative solutions was at the core of my professional career leading new product development.

I am also a dedicated community volunteer. I was elected Chair of the Town Assembly of Arden after many years of service to the Arden community. Whether serving as an elected official or serving on committees, helping reroof a community building, raising money for school programs, or coaching problem solving for kids in Odyssey of the Mind, I am always there ready to help. I support my neighbors and my community by serving them in many ways, including in our government, giving rides to neighbors in need, and running the neighborhood Fourth of July celebration. This is, in my mind, the 1stresponsibility of our local representatives – and I live it today and want to do more.  

In Delaware, we can do more to support economic prosperity, keep people healthy and safe, and improve the educational environment for our children.

These issues are challenging, but I will work with anyone and everyone to find and implement solutions. Together we can do more.

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