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Nashville needs more forward-thinking, unapologetic, intelligent leaders in the right positions to make policy-level decisions that improve communities of color. We need more seats at the table and we need people in elected positions who look like us, who represent our values and understand our plight.

e have to get more people of color out to vote, but we also need more candidates on the ballot that represent them. 

We did the research and couldn’t find any vehicle that purposefully and solely funds African-American or ethnic minority political candidates in Nashville. To fill this void, we launched the Power of 10 PAC. We are laser-focused on recruiting, funding and supporting candidates of color seeking local and state public elected office in Davidson County. 

But we need your help. We need to build a WAR CHEST to support viable candidates who can withstand opponents who support oppressive, backwards, Trump-era divisive policies that seek to keep us oppressed, marginalized, vulnerable and silenced. 

It's time we start using our collective buying power to fuel our voting power.

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