Rachel Ventura

I believe government should work for EVERYONE!

I get it, we are all in this together. However, our political system currently works best for the wealthy few and not the majority. It doesn't have to be this way.

As your representative in Congress, I’ll speak up for policies that work for YOU.

Already as a Will County Board member, I’ve been a strong voice for working families. It’s a skill

I learned from life: supporting my family as a single mother, making tough choices with our household budget, struggling to navigate America’s broken healthcare system. I know families can’t do it alone; we need strong, fair policies that support us all, not just the wealthy few.

When leaders stay silent, we all lose. You deserve a strong voice in Congress.

That’s why I will work hard on the issues you care about:

  • The Green New Deal, to preserve the earth for our children, invest in infrastructure, and create living wage jobs.
  • Affordable single-payer healthcare that puts patients and doctors in charge of healthcare decisions.
  • Immigration reform that keeps families together and shuts down for-profit detention centers.
  • Criminal justice system reform to ensure fairness for everyone, including poor people and people of color.
  • Campaign finance reform that prevents the rich and powerful from buying elections.

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