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For seven years, New York was plagued with a number of turn coat Democrats in the state senate who - with the blessing of Governor - put power into the hands of the Republicans to get perks for themselves. Their actions have caused many progressive bills that were passed in the state assembly to be killed in the senate.

These bills include immigration, voting rights, criminal justice reform and healthcare - including the Reproductive HealthCare Act, which is essential to protect NY state women now that the forced birthers may take a majority on the Supreme Court. (reference: All of these turncoats (except for Felder) have pretended to return to the Democratic fold now they have real Democrats challenging them in the primary, but it's way to late for that!

Support all these challengers to the turncoat Dems in the state senate (IDC members and Simcha Felder) and Cynthia Nixon for governor, so the IDC ringleader in the governor's mansion gets booted too!

Give to specific candidates or choose the option to split your donation between all candidates evenly (Senate challengers + Cynthia Nixon) *UPDATE*: IDC challenger John Liu is now up on ActBlue and has been added to the page!

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