Reclaim Idaho

We have big plans for 2020

Our grassroots movement is making enormous strides. Eighteen months ago—just 6 months after Reclaim Idaho was founded—we filed the ballot initiative to expand Medicaid. Last November, the initiative won with 61% of the vote. As a result, 62,000 Idahoans will gain access to healthcare beginning January 1st, 2020.

After Prop 2 won by a landslide and became the law of the land, we organized during the 2019 legislative session and successfully beat back attempts by legislators to repeal our new law. Even though the legislature eventually added harmful restrictions to Medicaid, we fended off some of the worst attacks. 

We also fended off assaults on our constitutional right to organize ballot initiatives. When a coalition of legislators and special-interest groups rammed through a bill that would make future ballot initiatives virtually impossible, we toured the state and rallied Idahoans to fight back. We hand delivered 12,000 signatures to Governor Brad Little’s office. Two days later, he vetoed the bill.  

Currently, we are laying the groundwork for a second citizens’ initiative—an initiative to address the crisis facing Idaho education.

For much of our history, we in Idaho made it a priority to invest in a quality education for our children. But during the past 20 years we’ve cut taxes over and over again while making deep cuts to school funding. 


In spite of significant reinvestment during the past few years, Idaho remains in 50th place—dead last out of 50 states—when it comes to how much money we spend per student. As salaries for teachers and support staff lag far behind neighboring states, Idaho school districts are finding it nearly impossible to recruit and retain personnel. Meanwhile, many of our state’s kindergarten programs remain woefully underfunded, and Idaho is one of just four states that offers zero state funding for pre-kindergarten. 


It’s time to stand up and invest in our children’s future. That’s why we’re working hard to develop an historic education initiative. Will you chip in and help us launch this campaign?

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