Reclaim Idaho

Let's make 2020 a year of accountability

Idaho faces an Accountability Crisis--a brazen willingness on the part of many Idaho legislators to put partisanship and the narrow agendas of special interests above the needs and demands of ordinary Idahoans.

The Accountability Crisis was on full display during the 2019 legislative session. Even in districts where Medicaid Expansion won by a landslide, some legislators claimed their constituents “didn’t know what they were voting for.” Legislators insisted on repealing or dramatically restricting the new Medicaid Expansion law. Similarly, we witnessed legislators advance bills to essentially revoke our constitutional right to organize ballot initiatives in spite of overwhelming public opposition.

We plan to organize grassroots, bipartisan accountability campaigns targeting 5 to 10 legislators. We’ll participate in both general elections and Republican primaries, and the following criteria will be used to choose which legislators to target:

  • Accountability score: The gap between the will of voters in the district and their legislator’s positions and votes (especially on the issues of Medicaid Restrictions and Initiative Restrictions)

  • Vulnerability: The margin of victory in the legislator’s previous primary and general elections

  •  Opponent strength: Strength of candidate willing to run against them

  • Volunteer enthusiasm: The extent to which volunteers and local leaders are fired up and ready to work for accountability in or near the legislator’s district

We can win. Back in March, when we traveled the state on our “VETO 1159” campaign, we encountered widespread hunger for a system of representative government that genuinely represents the people of Idaho. We are confident that if enough people join this effort, we will make 2020 a year of accountability unlike any we’ve ever seen.

Thank you for your commitment,

The Reclaim Idaho Team

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