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Reject the TFC

Founder in 2017, the Texas Freedom Caucus is a group of 12 extremist State Representatives who stage irresponsible stunts in pursuit of a radical ideological agenda.

During the 85th Legislative Session, the TFC received widespread media attention for using a procedural tactic to defeat more than 100 non-controversial, bipartisan bills, including legislation meant to address Texas' maternal mortality crisis, protect children from sexual predators, and encourage early literacy. This so-called "Mother's Day Massacre" was a reckless, retaliatory effort staged by the TFC after their own legislation failed to pass the House.

This November, four TFC members are facing serious, viable re-election challenges:

  • Matt Schaefer, the Chairman of the TFC, is being challenged by Neal Katz, an independent candidate from Tyler, TX.

  • Matt Shaheen, another TFC leader, is being challenged by Sharon Hirsch, a Democratic candidate from Plano, TX.

  • Matt Rinaldi, a TFC member who last year began a fight on the floor of the House, is being challenged by Julie Johnson, a Democratic candidate from Dallas, TX.

  • Jonathan Stickland, a TFC member and high school dropout who has advocated for marital rape, is being challenged by Steve Riddell, a Democratic candidate from Bedford, TX.

Neal, Sharon, Julie, and Steve are common-sense candidates running for the Texas House to advocate real solutions to pressing issues. By splitting a donation between them, you'll help send four talented individuals to Austin and cripple the power of the TFC.

Note: Because Neal Katz is not a Democrat, he cannot receive donations through ActBlue. Texas Students United, a nonpartisan political action committee, will receive 25% of donations from this form and will forward all contributions to Katz's campaign.

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