Another Choice.

Hi, I’m Garrett

I’m running to represent District 12 in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

I’m excited about this for many reasons but most of all it's because District 12 is Sevier County. Call me biased, but I think Sevier is the best County in all of Tennessee! We have great people going back many generations and others from all around the world. We have beautiful views and a proud heritage. I also like to think that Sevier County is one of Tennessee’s “Ambassadors” to the nation and world--we have over 12 Million visitors annually making Sevier one of the most visited locations in the nation, on par with Vegas! So yes, we are certainly Ambassadors! 

Sevier is where I married Susan, my wife of 15 years who I had chased since High School. Sevier is where I raised my children: Rajie, Tristan, and Sam “Moose.” Sevier is where I opened several businesses including The Valley Voice, a popular newspaper that served the area for many years. I am from a family of patriots. I was raised by a single mother who was a loyal government employee her entire career. My Dad, 1LT JG Williams, served in Vietnam as an officer with the 9th Infantry Division, and both of his brothers fought in Vietnam as well. My Granddaddy, 1LT EL Painter, was a highly decorated member of the legendary Flying Tiger squadron born and raised just up the road a bit in Kingsport. 

So why am I running? I’m running for that guy who works two jobs just to try to keep on keeping on. I’m running for grandmothers who must choose between medicine or food. I’m running for workers across Tennessee, advocating not for simply more jobs but for better jobs. I’m running to make sure state programs meant to assist those who have lost their jobs to trade are fully funded so Tennessee workers can be retrained and retained in the workforce. When I ran the newspaper, there were a few things I absolutely loved about the job. One was talking to people. Old, young, black, white, rich, poor, etc.- we have such a variety of interesting people.  I loved listening to them and writing about the fears, hopes, dreams and achievements of them, their families, friends and neighbors. This is another of my motivations for running. I want to take my neighbors hopes, dreams and concerns to Nashville.

American elections are supposed to have two candidates. For far too long the voters in District 12 have not had a choice. I’m proud to bring that choice to the ballot.  For far too long the people here have viewed the Democratic party as one that left them behind. One that is out of touch and run by people from far away places such as New York, San Francisco, and L.A. I’m running to show that is simply not the case. This isn’t about right and left, it's about what’s right and wrong for the people in my District and in Tennessee. Things aren’t good right now, but were going to make them better, then were going to make them amazing!

My opponent has become a ghost, known to most in name only if at all. I plan to be the opposite and very much a part of Sevier County. I am going to knock on every door in this District and talk to as many voters as I can. Let’s get to Nashville together, let’s Make sure that Tennessee is a place where we are proud to raise our children.



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